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Illuminate Your Space With Cozy Radiance & Serenity

Warm hue lights, made for comfort, reducing stress, eye strain & more.
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Artisans of Ambiance, Curators of Calm

  • Decrease Stress Levels

    LED & Ambient lighting create a relaxed environment, helping alleviate anxiety or tension.

  • Reduced Eye Strain

    Warm hue lights have a gentle and less harsh impact on the eyes than blue light.

  • Relaxation & Comfort

    Warm hue lights create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and evoke a sense of warmth.

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Little Light, Big Impact

For Every Corner of Your Home
Dawn Simulator

I have to get up every morning before the sun does so this has been a game changer for me! Super easy to set up. I really like the sound options. And the light usually wakes me up before the sounds do. Highly recommend if you are an early early morning riser.

– Amanda R, Verified Buyer

Mushroom Table Lamp

I got this for my office, but my daughter quickly took it for her room. Came with lightbulbs and I received super quick!

– Austin G, Verified Buyer

Mushroom Wall Lamp

These night lights are so cute!!! They give off a very nice light. Four to a package is a great deal. I don’t need this many but since they are so cute, I have 3 plugged in, in different locations in my house. So glad I bought these!

– Samantha T, Verified Buyer

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